Move the Box : Sliding Puzzle
Enjoyable and immersive game.

Sliding Puzzle

Sliding Puzzle is an immersive and entertaining mobile puzzle game. You will learn easily, have fun and master yourself.
Sliding Puzzle is inspired by a traditional puzzle board. «Klotski» provided the creation of this game.
This game, formerly played with wooden blocks and wooden squares, is now digitally and playable on mobile phones.
More than 50 enjoyable levels are waiting for you. You can buy all parts at any time and start at the level you want.
Sliding Puzzle also includes levels that are difficult to solve. If you can not figure out why, download and try.
If you can solve a difficult level, you can earn achievements and share this part in your favorite social media accounts.
Sliding Puzzle contains no restrictions and you can solve puzzles with as many moves as you like.
Have fun by sliding the boxes as you want, not with the time or move limit.


• FREE to play
• 3D puzzle experience
• Challenge with achievement points
• Fun and addictive dozens of episodes
• Smooth and precise animations
• Relaxing play music
• Great sound effects
• Try to «Move the Box: Sliding Puzzle 3D» using various devices and screen sizes (Phones and Tablets).
• 8 different language support: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish