Little Meaty

Are you ready for an exciting adventure in Butcherland?

Meaty is a kid from the Steaky species who lives in Butcherland.The Steaky species can run very fast and jump up high.
The Steaky species are small, but they are very brave. One day, an Steaky named Beefo finds a power stone and seizes it.
The power takes over Beefo, and Beefo ruthlessly destroys Butcher Land.
Meaty’s aim is to grab the ruthless Beefo and take his power stone back from it.

Use your special parkour abilities to overcome all the obstacles, avoid sharp object, beat all the tenderizers and fight against great evil! Test your agility to run, jump, collect gold, defeat the deadly attacks of evil enemies.

Never give up!

Little Meaty is an exciting, challenging platform game that anyone who wants to go long distances to reach their goals can play.
Little Meaty is also brother of Red Runner.


• Epic free-to-play adventure game
• Global score leaderboard
• Play with Friends! Can you beat all your friends? See who has the highest score
• Challenge your friends with achievement scores
• A randomly designed world
• Smooth and precise animations
• Relaxing play music
• Great sound effects