Cosmic Latte

Are you ready for space adventure? Are you interested in astronomy?

Cosmic Latte is a space game based on physics simulation.
Cosmic Latte makes it exciting to play in the space environment with simple physics rules.
It is based on Newton’s law of universal gravitation and Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.
Play with the planets in our solar system and create orbits with celestial bodies.
Can you make enough orbits to progress to the next level?
Solar system : Sun — Mercury — Venus — Earth- Mars — Jupiter — Saturn — Uranus — Neptune — Pluto
Various planets & moon & human made communication satellites & solar-panel satellites
Explore space with fun!
The perfect game for introducing astronomy to kids!


• 6 different tutorials
• 9 different planets
• 16 different tasks
• Various celestial bodies
• Various satellites
• Low Poly graphics
• Try infinite times
• Meditation music
• Smooth controls
• Share gifs with friends

• All completely free