Easy Alphabet Tracing
ABC Tracing Book for kids.

Easy ABC Alphabets Tracing Book for kids

Looking for a fun, free, and simple educational app to help your toddler learn phonics and trace letters of the alphabet?
Look no further than ABC Alphabets Tracing.
Easy Alphabet Tracing is a free phonics and alphabet teaching app that makes learning fun for children, from toddlers all the way to preschoolers and kindergartners.
It features a series of tracing games to help kids recognize letter shapes, associate them with phonic sounds, and put their alphabet knowledge to use in fun matching exercises.
Any toddler, kindergartener or preschool age child can learn English and the English alphabet simply by following the arrows with their finger.
Use the hand to trace and fill the letters easily.


• FREE to play
• Smooth Letters Tracing and Filling
• A-Z Complete Letters
• Tracing Helper (Hint)
• Letters Pronunciation
• Sound Effects and Relaxing play music
• Fourteen Colored Pencils
• Playing at various devices and screen sizes (Phones and Tablets).
• Letters Rating
• 26 upper case letters
• 26 lowercase letters
• 0 — 9 numbers